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The Blessedness of Godly Mothers - Volume VI, Issue 4

Posted by Wanda
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on Monday, 19 May 2014
in Pastors' Corner

The Blessedness of Godly Mothers Scripture: 2 Timothy 1: 1-7

Sermon Summary

THE NEWEST DEVELOPMENT IN MANUFACTURING IS ROBOTICS. Robots put in endless hours, function in different environments, never seem to run down, cost very little to maintain, and do it all without praise, personal attention, or stroking. Actually, robotics are nothing new. They used to be called mothers. Today we have gathered to celebrate and honor our beloved mothers on their special day―Mothers' Day. Mothers, how befitting it is for the country to set aside a special day of recognition to commemorate your unselfish devotion to family, humanity and the church. In today's sermon, we will learn about two devoted mothers who left an indelible impression on the life of a child who would grow up to become a significant figure in the church of Jesus Christ―Timothy, Paul's spiritual son in the gospel.  Paul the apostle wrote from a Roman prison to his spiritual son in gospel, Timothy. Condemned to death and awaiting his execution under Emperor Nero, Paul takes the time to commend two outstanding women for their role in rearing a dynamic young man in the faith: Lois and Eunice. Lois is Timothy's grandmother and Eunice is his mother. These two women were successful in transferring their faith to Timothy. How did these two remarkable women accomplish this feat? In Paul's letter to Timothy, he reveals how these mothers influenced a grandson and son to become a lover and follower Christ. The book of Second Timothy reveals two actions taken by these two women that had a positive impact in the life of Timothy that lead him to Christ.
1. These two women taught Timothy the Scriptures from childhood (2 Timothy 3:14-15). The Apostle Paul credits them (Lois and Eunice) with Timothy's conversion (2 Timothy 1:5). Moreover, he would credit them with teaching Timothy Scripture and doctrine (2 Timothy 3:15). These two mothers were adamant about the spiritual growth and development of Timothy at an early age. According to Acts 16:1, Timothy's father was Greek, a gentile and the text seems to suggest that his father was not a believer; thus, he did not play an active role in his spiritual growth and development. This absence of his father's involvement with his spiritual training did not prevent these two devoted mothers from providing such education. Likewise, many mothers today to their credit are committed to their children's spiritual learning despite sometimes the lack of fatherly involvement. I extend blessings to all mothers who value and prioritize their children's faith training. They are like Lois and Eunice, Godly mothers who do not disregard, disrespect, or deride the Bible, but value and hold it in high esteem.
2. These two women would model their spiritual values throughout his rearing (2 Timothy 1:5). The old adage that says, "We should practice what we preach" is an important truism. Dr. John Maxwell in his book, "Developing The Leader Within You" gives this maxim, "People emulate what they see modeled." Therefore, in general, most people will copy good behavior and practices when rightly modeled within a supportive environment. Paul echoed this same sentiment when he encouraged the Corinthians with this exhortation, "Be ye followers of me as I am of Christ" (1 Corinthians 11:1, KJV). Please allow me to digress for a moment here and be instructive. There is a wonderful passage in Proverbs that says, "Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6, NASB). I want to help some Christian mothers that might be carrying around a sense of guilt for a child that was taught to go right, but decided to go left in life. Dr. Roy Zuck in his definitive work entitled, "Basic Bible Interpretation: A Practical Guide to Discovering Biblical Truth" wrote, "Proverbs or maxims are general truths based on broad experience and observation. These are guidelines which are normally true in general. They are guidelines, not guarantees; precepts, not promises." Therefore, if you have a child that was taught right, but decided to ignore their spiritual home training, do not carry around the guilt of their failure to apply the truths taught. You must remember that God gave them free will also, i.e., to love and obey Him, or vice versa. However, there is still one tool in your toolbox that many Godly mothers use very well and that is prayer! The power of a praying mother should not be under estimated, regardless of life's challenges. I am sure Lois and Eunice spent quality time in prayer for Timothy, and their labor of love bore much precious fruit for many to emulate.
For instance, despite the daily challenges of life, these two mothers made a decision to invest in the spiritual growth and development of Timothy, and their sacrifice paid off. Timothy would come to accept Jesus Christ as his personal sin-bearer and Savior, and the Apostle Paul would ordain and influence his appointment as a pastor in Ephesus. Lois and Eunice are a great credit and example to mothers everywhere. They overcame the great social challenges of women in their day and in my book I recognize them as great "Women among women!" Like many of you, I have had the pleasure of being raised and nurtured by an outstanding grandmother, mother and other godly mother figures in my life. For within the African-American community, we enjoy a rich heritage of strong black women who have sacrificed much to hold their families together, love their men and create much out of so little. To their great credit, they have held on to God's unchanging hand while enjoying His keeping power; and yes, they can truly say:
We've come this far by faith, leaning on the Lord; trusting in his holy word. He's never failed us yet. Oh! We can't turn back, we've come this far by faith.
1. Don't be discouraged with trouble in your life; he'll bear your burdens and move all discord and strife. Oh!
2. Just remember with good things he has done; things that seemed impossible, oh, praise him for the vict'ries he has won. Oh!
Conclusion. One night a two-month-old baby kept his mother and father awake with his fussing and crying. The father was at wit's end and had lost all patience. The mother, though, in her deep maternal love, picked up her son and, cuddling him, said, "That's all right. I'm sorry you don't feel better!" What an object lesson in self-giving love. God bless all the mothers and may the remainder of your days be cherished by those you love and filled with honor and blessing; and may the Lord favor you to enjoy many more Mothers' Day celebrations!
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